Furniture Refurbishment

Do you have an item of furniture that has seen better days? Maybe you have a chair or a bookcase that could do with sprucing up?

In most cases the furniture is cleaned off and sanded where necessary Any repairs are also done at this stage and then the item is either painted or rewaxed. There are various finishes are available, such as distressed, aged, modern, shabby chic. Whatever you want, we can do for you.

Everything is done in-house and the finishing is a hand finish - no spraying or plasticising.

Pricing is done by the size of the item and condition, but you'll find that our prices are very competitive. For example, to clean off and paint a bedside chest, the price would be £30-£35.

You can also buy items from the shop and have them painted at the same time as we refurbish you other items, to ensure they are all matching in the same colour.